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Quality Service

Two generations working together to create luxury hand printed textiles and wallcoverings. Our company remains stubbornly passionate about offering our clients the richest and highest quality printed textiles available. Our hand printing process gives each yard of fabric a vibrant and highly pigmented color range that simply can’t be reproduced by an inkjet printer.  We encourage you to be fully involved in a collaborative process with us. It centers around our craftsmanship combined with your unique specifications to create a finished creation that is the realization of your vision.  
That’s the heart behind EFS Designs Inc.

Yardage Printing

No minimums & fast turnaround 

When you love what you do, it shows. Here at EFS our objective is to provide you with visionary results in every yard. We pride ourselves in our capacity to turnaround yardage in just a couple days! All processes are done in house and hand made by our skilled craftsman. Our 53 yard long tables let us take on bulk yardage without sacrificing quality.

Textile Design

Comprehensive design process & production

Let us guide you through the boundless search for symmetry in every pattern. Expert textile designer and print masters at your service, ready to bring your design vision to life.

Hand Color Mixing

Watercolor, plastic base and metallic inks

Quality materials and specialty inks custom formulated to specification for every fabric type and wallpaper we produce. Bring a paint chip, swatch of fabric, painting or anything. Our master colorists will match and produce a sample for your approval that you will love!


Family owned & operated

We are a family run and operated printing factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Together, we have taken 30 years of screen printing experience and combined it with modern techniques to create gorgeous fabrics and wallpapers. We honor our story and yours by providing time-proven excellence and quality services to our clients at competitive rates.

Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs. Through open communication, exceptional service, and 30 years of experience we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for with our Printing Service. For more information or general inquiries, get in touch today.

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2020 Printing Services

Basic Price List


36" x 54" Screen engraving


42" x 60" Screen engraving


80" x 54" Screen engraving


Water based color match - two gallons


Plastic Based color match for performance fabrics - two gallons


Quality metallic and pearlescent ink color match - two gallons


36" x 26" Half Screen sample - each additional color + $25


36" x 54" Full screen sample - each additional color + $25


One to Two color under 25 yd min set-up fee per skew


Three to Four color under 25 yd min set-up fee per skew

$25 per yard

One color print, min 25 yds.

$27 per yard

Two color print, min 25 yds.

$29 per yard

Three color print, min 25 yds.

$31 per yard

Four color print, min 25 yds. 


Fabric roll packing for shipping up to 25 yards


Fabric roll packing for shipping up to 25-50 yards

This is our basic price list, it will give you an idea of what the costs are when printing with us. All pricing is subject to change based on the quantities and materials being used. Wholesale rates are also available for orders over 500 yards. 


Fabric Collections

Luxury fabric available to the public and trade

Printing is our tradition, and design is our passion. Explore our very own fabric lines created by EFS Designs' very own textile designer Maria Suarez.

Cut & Sew

Custom pillows, memo samples & more

On call experienced and talented seamstress available for all your cut & sew sampling and production needs.


Our Story

When you walk into our 100-year-old Brooklyn textile printing factory, your eyes will rest on the 165-foot-long tables that run the length of our space. You’ll witness the love for our craft in the back, and forth motion of our wooden squeegees evenly spreading the ink over the silkscreen that replicates the gorgeous textiles.  

Because of that heart and work ethic, you’ll more than likely meet the founding father of the whole operation, Eudoro Suarez. He’s always here, doing what he’s done since he started printing t-shirts in his aunt’s living room as a young man. A terrible car accident 35 years ago in Ecuador brought Eudoro, a twenty-something at the time, to the US for surgery to address his extensive injuries. Barely escaping with his eyesight, he recovered in the care of two aunts who nursed him back to health and eventually gave him his start in screen printing.

You may also meet Maria, the young textile designer, and creative director with a soulful heart that learned this trade from her father, Eudoro. She can tell you the history and passion for their craft that still carries the bone-deep tradition and exceptional quality that started it all to begin with.

Client List: Peter Marino Architect, Quadrille, Marc Jacobs, Coach, Pintura Studio, Katie Ridder, Studio E, Fatto-A-Mano, Proenza Schouler, B Sides Jeans, De La Torre Design, Swoon Studio, Kufri, Re-Inc, TUFTS University, Jack Early, Piotr Uklanski, RGraves & Co, Lexie Lux, Blluemade, etc.


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