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Family built, owned & driven.

The key is in the process. We combine our authentic New York craftsmanship with your desired specifications to create unrivaled bespoke fabrics, wall coverings, and more. Additionally, because we print by hand, we are able to give each yard of fabric a vibrant and highly pigmented color range that simply cannot be reproduced by an inkjet printer.

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Meet Eudoro F. Suarez

Founder and Owner

"My knowledge and experience come from years of hard work and dedication to the preservation of our craft."

Meet Maria M. Suarez

Owner and Production Manager

"Keeping my clients happy with our services is always my top priority."

Meet Franco Salgado

Floor Manager

"Our team may be small, but when we work together, we always deliver quality results."

Meet Maria del Carmen Suarez

Creative Director 

"Following in my father's footsteps gave me a clear and creative path full of possibilities."

Meet Bobby Hoobrat


"Color mixing is my passion, and color matching is the goal."

Meet Alejandro Salgado


"Being part of this creative family business inspires me to be better."

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When you enter our century-old building in Red Hook, Brooklyn, which has housed the same craft for more than 75 years, you’ll be greeted by our 165-foot-long silkscreen printing tables, which are among the largest in the United States. Wooden squeegees pass back and forth over these tables day in and day out, evenly spreading the hand mixed color inks across the silkscreens that replicate the gorgeous textile designs. 


Each member of our team is committed to excellence, every time.


Our founder, Eudoro Fernando Suarez (EFS) got his start in the business because of two loving aunts who nursed him back to health after a terrible car accident in Ecuador brought him to America, where he received surgeries to address extensive injuries to his face.. As his health improved, Eudoro used his passion and his gratitude to leverage every opportunity to be successful. He started hand printing t-shirts in his aunt’s living room, and eventually went on to build his own t-shirt printing business, later enlisting the help of talented and impassioned experts and merging into textiles.


As the years went by, EFS would see its own transformative potential as young textile designer and creative director, Maria Suarez, took the lead on introducing more modern technologies to help the company grow. Maria, Eudoro’s loving daughter, has been working at the factory since the age of 15, learning the craft from her father and his team day in and day out for years. When she realized how advantageous it would be to digitize certain parts of the design process, she spared no time in seeing this transition through. Such passion and leadership as displayed here, paired with the consistent efforts of everyone on the team, are what drives the quality of the EFS experience, and the value we provide to our clients—two generations working together to preserve the tradition of hand printing in NYC.


EFS Designs is a family owned and operated business, built on multigenerational passion, excellence and expertise. Our team goes above and beyond to meet the specific needs of each project. Through open communication, exceptional service, and three decades of experience, we are confident you will find what you are looking for with our services. For more information or general inquiries, get in touch today.